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How to tie a mecate onto a bosal.

There are several ways to do this here’s a short little doc, that I got from Buckaroo Leather years ago. 

Mane Hair Mecate Care

Break In: When you first get your mane mecate you may notice how stiff it is. This is because the mecate was just twisted, this is normal.  This is what I like to do when I get new mecates. Fill up your kitchen sink with […]

Some insight on the saddle making process.

“Some Insight on the Saddle Making Process” with John Willemsma & Carlos Macias.. We compiled these videos while I (Carlos) was at John’s shop in building my first saddle.. These videos were intended to give our customers or anybody looking to purchase a new saddle […]

How to setup your rein chains

In the premier episode of “The Workbench” videos we discuss rein chain connectors and how to connect them as well as showcase the new black wire rein chains (no longer available), rein chain connectors, Ortiz Oklahoma style romal reins, and the Santa Barbara style bridle […]